EN10025-3 S355N steel plate
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What is the s460nl steel tensile strength as rolled delivery state

During the construction of hot-dip S460Nl-steel-plate-with-high-strength-carbon-structural.html target=_blank class=infotextkey>S460NL steel tensile strength galvanized pipe, the correct welding process shall be adopted, the inspection and acceptance shall be carried out in strict accordance with the specification, and the anti-corrosion treatment (zinc rich paint) shall be done timely after the welding is completed. It is feasible in the construction process of open and closed air conditioning system, which can improve the S460Nl-steel-plate-with-high-strength-carbon-structural.html target=_blank class=infotextkey>S460NL steel tensile strength construction speed and the firmness of the pipe connection. Therefore, the hot-dip galvanized pipe can be welded and connected under the construction conditions and on the premise of relevant protection and anti-corrosion measures.

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Q370qDNH steel plate atmospheric corrosion resistance steel grade: Q—The first letter of the Chinese pinyin of "qu" for the yield strength of steel used in bridges; 370-a specified value of small yield strength, unit MPa; q-the first letter of the Chinese pinyin of the word "bridge" for bridge steel; D—The quality level is D level; N——The first letter of the Chinese phonetic alphabet of the word "Nei"; H——The first letter of Pinyin of "hou"; Q370qDNH steel standard: GB/T 714-2015.

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